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Pablo Perdomo Falcón

Software Engineer

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About Me

Curious, creative, lover of pursuing excellence in what I do every day, I am ready to start a professional journey marked by these premises and the desire to continue learning.


Software Engineering Degree

September 2017 – Present

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

B1 Preliminary: English

July 2018

Cambridge Assessment English

High School: Science and Technology (L.O.E.)

June 2017

I.E.S. Amurga

Campus de Ciencias de Verano de robótica

July 2015

Campus Cytema/Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha



2D roguelike multiplayer game with arcade components made with unity 5 using C# (available MacOs, Linux, Windows, IOS and Android).

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IrisStudio IDE

C++ programming environment made with java, javafx, maven and using the mingw compiler for windows (available only for windows).

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